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The concept of automobiles is undergoing tremendous changes. We are committed to returning to the essence of smart cockpits with a global perspective, helping automakers to achieve rapid breakthroughs in agile competition, people-oriented and business models.

Product Strategy

In the ever-changing automotive industry, it is crucial to develop a clear product strategy. We provide professional brand consulting, user research, competitive product analysis and product definition services to help you develop a clear product strategy and create outstanding innovative products that meet user needs and win market competition.

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Brand strategy consulting

Product definition

Overseas strategy

User research

Business model innovation

Artificial intelligence

Competitive product analysis


Big data analysis

our way

Before providing any consulting services to our clients, we will conduct a comprehensive and accurate market research on the client’s brand. We start with the target consumer group, combine the car company’s brand vision and market feedback, identify market differences, and make one-on-one product strategy plans that best suit the client’s characteristics.

The traditional user interview method has many shortcomings, such as low sample size, high time cost and strong subjective influence. Through our self-developed consumer public opinion monitoring platform, we can quickly screen and organize consumers’ evaluations of a certain car model and competing models, and explore consumer pain points through big data analysis.

We always insist on finding the best balance between user value and commercial value for our customers. Combining objective brand and market data, we are committed to creating unique product strategies that are in line with commercial value for our customers, while fully embracing user value and enhancing brand stickiness.

Innovative design

We are committed to providing car companies with a full range of design and usability services, including 3D design, visual design, HMI interaction design, motion/sound design, VPA design and other fields. We are not only designers, but also your innovation partner, helping your products stand out and lead the market.

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HMI interaction design

Animation design

Industrial design

HMI visual design

Sound design

Cinematic rendering

3D Design

VPA Design

our way

We believe that there is no single standard for design. We start from the end in mind, listen carefully to the needs of car companies, assist them in breaking down and quantifying their business goals, return to the essence of value based on the goals, and formulate design plans based on the brand positioning of the car company and the target user portrait.

We will integrate the latest industry trends and concepts into the design process, and strive to provide customers with the most forward-looking solutions in the industry. But we also believe that a design that cannot be implemented is worthless, and our design experts will find the best balance for you between innovation and feasibility.

High-quality delivery is not our end point. We look forward to creating the best output and helping car companies achieve commercial and reputational success. At the same time, we will provide design docking support during the mass production development stage, continue to follow up on the project until the product is launched, and pay attention to the feedback from the launch to provide iterative suggestions for car companies.

Prototype Verification

As the wave of automobile intelligence sweeps in, the intelligent cockpit prototype verification process is also being innovated. We provide professional automobile prototype verification services, including software prototype development, Protopie prototype development, VR/AR, driving simulator, platform/hardware customization and usability testing, etc., to help you shorten the product development cycle and reduce development costs.

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Hardware development

Mass production support

Unity prototype construction

Test environment construction

Test data analysis

3D model reduction

CAN signal compilation

Feasibility analysis

User recruitment

3D model optimization

UE blueprint prototype

Run performance test

Usability test

our way

For any prototype development project, we start from the goal and are result-oriented. We listen carefully and analyze customer needs and develop a complete prototype verification solution specifically for customers. Only in this way can we achieve customer goals at the lowest cost and highest efficiency while ensuring objectivity and accuracy.

All members of our professional testing team will join the project team from the beginning to ensure that the cognition is always synchronized. At the same time, they will keep in touch with customers at all times to ensure that every detail of the prototype construction can help the final result. At the same time, based on the test sample size, they will choose the most appropriate development plan to ensure the reliability and stability of the prototype.

For all usability tests, we will eventually output a complete data analysis report. We will combine CapsuleTech’s unique data analysis methods to provide customers with a complete and objective analysis report. We will also elaborate on the data analysis methods and the logic of drawing conclusions in detail, and give professional improvement suggestions based on the results.

Mass production

We have rich experience in mass production development and provide professional Unreal, Unity, Android, Linux and QNX/QT mass production development capabilities to help you shorten your product development cycle and reduce development costs. Our engineering team will deeply explore chip performance to create a smooth and stable car system for you.

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Unreal development

Linux development

Signal debugging

Unity development

QNX development

OTA update support

Android development

QT development

Our advantage

We have many years of experience in intelligent cockpit research and development, and our professional software and hardware development team can meet all the needs of car companies in prototype development, performance optimization, hardware development and mass production development. At the same time, CapsuleTech is also an officially certified global partner (Global Service Provider) of Epic Games and will have the highest priority to obtain the latest resources and technical support from EPIC.

CapsuleTech has passed the Tisax certification and PSCR certification of the German automotive industry. We have an extremely professional project management system to ensure the standardization and security of each project code. At the same time, during the development process, we will pay extra attention to the stability of the code and conduct a series of rigorous tests.

Our engineers have many years of experience in mass production development of vehicle systems and have a deep understanding of Qualcomm’s 8155, 820A and other chips. They can perform ultimate optimization based on the hardware performance of car companies. The company has multi-platform development capabilities for Android, Linux, and QNX, and has built two real-time engine development teams, Unreal and Unity.

Why choose us

智驾责任 · Driving Responsibility

Global Vision

We have a professional technical team from countries and regions around the world, 60% of whom have studied abroad and 70% have a background in the automotive industry.

Interdisciplinary capabilities

The company has full-process business capabilities from product definition to mass production development, and team members have interdisciplinary thinking ability to help you achieve your goals with higher quality.

Professional project management

All team members are proficient in using tools such as Confluence, Jira, Trello, etc. and use them frequently in various projects. They have high-level project management and tracking capabilities as well as cross-departmental collaboration capabilities.

Certification by authoritative organizations

The company has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification, passed the German automotive industry's Tisax L2-level information security certification and PSCR product safety certification, and is also an Epic global partner.

The choice and trust of world-class car companies

“Chinese companies are an ideal choice for prototyping because of their incredible speed and ability to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into projects as quickly as possible. Especially in Shanghai, we have conducted in-depth and comprehensive cooperation with our partners to provide us with hardware and software prototyping and development. CapsuleTech is one of our most important partners.”

Felix Praschak

Senior User Experience Designer, BMW Group