HiPhi Z mass production development

Mass production development, Unreal development, 3D HMI

In September 2022, the HiPhi Z HMI mass-produced car machine was released. CapsuleTech successfully completed the mass production development of the 3D part of the car using the Unreal engine within a limited time, and cooperated with engineers from Human Horizons to complete the integration of the Android system. This project is the first mass-produced HMI car machine system in China developed using the Unreal engine based on the Qualcomm 8155 chip.

In 2023, we further upgraded the car display effects and ADAS function modules based on Hiphi Z.

Based on the UE4.27 platform, we have optimized and enriched the scene display of the parking page, upgraded the paint material module, improved the parking scene and light and shadow rendering effects, and added functional highlights such as real-time interactive rendering of interior atmosphere lights.

On the 8155 and 8295 chips, the highest display effect of the mobile car machine is achieved while ensuring smooth 60fps performance.