CapsuleTech was invited to attend the 10th "China Automotive Industry Technology Elite Symposium"

May 25, 2024

On May 25, the 10th "China Automotive Industry Technology Elite Symposium" (formerly the China Automotive Industry Returnee Talent Symposium) was jointly initiated by China Automotive News, Tsinghua University Automotive Industry and Technology Strategy Institute, and China Talent Research Association Automotive Talent Professional Committee in 2024 and was held in Anting Shanghai International Automobile City. Mr. Wu Hanwei, co-founder of CapsuleTech, was invited to attend the conference.

Other guests participating in the conference included Zhao Fuquan, lifetime honorary president of the World Federation of Automotive Engineers, professor at Tsinghua University and dean of the Institute of Automotive Industry and Technology Strategy, Rong Wenwei, executive deputy director of the Jiading Tongji University Science and Technology Park Construction Promotion Office, Zhu Mingrong, chairman of the Automotive Talent Professional Committee of the China Talent Research Association and secretary-general of the Global Automotive Elite Organization, Lu Zufang, member of the Jiading District Committee of the Communist Party of China and executive deputy mayor of Jiading District, and Gui Junsong, editor-in-chief of China Automotive News, and many other big names.

Mr. Wu Hanwei of CapsuleTech had enthusiastic and in-depth discussions and exchanges with the guests at the conference. He also expressed his views on issues such as the changes and internal circulation of the automotive industry, automobile exports, and the transformation and development of automotive talents.