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Staying Ahead

CapsuleTech has been pioneering the use of AI technology in various programs since 2022


Through our in-depth research into AIGC technology, we provide clients with more efficient and innovative solutions across multiple domains, including product strategy, user research, concept design, audio design, and video design.

AI Agent

Our R&D team leverages AI Agent technology to provide mass production HMI+AI solutions for our clients. These solutions include personalized HMI interfaces, natural and intuitive virtual personal assistants (VPA), and real-time data analysis capabilities, delivering a more intelligent and convenient user experience.


By leveraging LLM and deep learning technologies, coupled with CapsuleTech's pre-trained and fine-tuned models, we enhance our ability to gather richer data samples and conduct more profound, objective data analysis in brand research, user studies, and requirement analysis.

Reaserch LLM, Transformer, Pre-trained, Fine-tuned

In response to specific needs, we employ Midjounery, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E for text or image generation. Over years of development, CapsuleTech has developed proprietary models such as Textual Inversion, Hypernetwork, LoRA, and Dreambooth.

Innovative Design Midjounery, Stable Diffusion, DALL-E

In HMI experience design, sound experience plays an increasingly crucial role. Our sound designers utilize multiple models such as Jukebox and Magenta to craft distinctive and memorable intelligent experiences for various vehicles.

Voice Design OpenAI Jukebox, AIVA, Amper, Google Magenta,

We've noticed that animations and videos are playing an increasingly significant role in HMI. Our animation designers leverage AI tools such as Artbreeder, RunwayML, DeepMotion, etc., to find inspiration and integrate them with tools like Blender, Unreal, etc., to create exceptional visual experiences for our clients.

Motion Design Motion Design


CapsuleTech is committed to promoting the mass production of AI technology in HMI, subject to confidentiality agreement restrictions, only to show a small number of cases.

CapsuleTech Vision

CapsuleTech Vision is a driving simulator based on China's roads that we have developed completely independently, with the ability to simulate realistic dynamic weather and road events. The system's scenarios and road events are intelligently generated using AI, and due to the integration of AI, CapsuleTech Vision not only has superb visual effects compared to traditional simulators, but also has the ability to simulate random weather and road events. Intelligent road and event generation maximises the real world and reduces subjective intervention.

Intelligent VPA

In collaboration with an automotive enterprise, we have integrated AI technology into our Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA). Utilizing natural language processing (NLP) techniques, the VPA can better understand users and handle complex semantic layers. Through machine learning and deep learning technologies, the VPA can provide personalized feedback based on user behavior. Additionally, the incorporation of large language models (LLMs) enhances the VPA's communication capabilities.

Elastic HMI

In collaboration with an automotive enterprise, we have integrated various AI technologies, including computer vision and real-time AI analysis, into HMI development to provide passengers with an intuitive and intelligent HMI system. Elastic HMI functionality has been implemented in key areas such as the welcome screen, launcher, multimedia, and navigation, offering a new design and development approach for the next generation of HMI systems.

"Driving Responsibility" is our mission, and this core value permeates all our research and development projects. Consequently, we prioritize AI ethics and boundaries, firmly believing that people is the power behind AI, and a human-centric approach is the key to true innovation in HMI.

01. How CapsuleTech ensure the responsible use of AI technology and prevent ethical misuse

CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
1. Establish an ethical framework to ensure that all AI applications comply with ethical standards and laws and regulations.CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
2. Strictly protect user data privacy, ensure transparency and security in data collection, storage and use, and comply with relevant privacy regulations.CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
3. We insist on maximising the transparency of our algorithms for our customers, so that they can understand how AI makes decisions.CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
4. Ensure that AI systems are designed and trained without bias, provide fair and impartial services, and avoid discrimination and inequality.CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
5. Empower users to take control of the AI system by providing clear consent mechanisms and options so that users can choose whether to participate in data sharing and AI interactions.CapsuleTech adheres to the following principles when introducing AI technology:
6. Conduct continuous monitoring and evaluation of the AI system to identify and correct potential problems in a timely manner to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

02. How CapsuleTech sees the impact of AI developments on the automotive industry

AI has profoundly impacted the automotive industry in areas such as intelligent driving, in-vehicle experiences, aftermarket services, manufacturing and supply chain, and market dynamics. However, CapsuleTech remains dedicated to delivering exceptional smart cockpit experiences to our customers. As such, we are currently focusing our efforts on enhancing smart experiences and addressing user and market needs. By integrating AI technology, we can develop superior HMI systems for our clients while actively mitigating the potential risks and drawbacks associated with AI.

03. Does CapsuleTech think the next generation of HMIs will all use AI technology?

We always regard AI as infrastructure rather than a standalone feature. This means that in our innovation-driven HMI design process, AI is not introduced for the sake of AI alone, but with a focus on feasibility as a key criterion. However, AI enables us to implement innovative ideas and integrate them into practical applications. The decision to incorporate AI technology in the next generation HMI depends on the planned functionality and the necessity for AI in mass production deployment.