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Bring humanity to cutting edge technology—HUAWEI Autonomous Driving


Huawei Hicilicon is a High tech enterprise, the majority of the company are engineers and scientists, and their businesses are mostly technology orientated. In this project, our mission is to showcase Hicilicon’s autonomous driving tech through a user scenario for automatic parking. Our challenges lies in bring humanity to the cutting edge technology, and communicate our user center design in a way that engineers can understand.


In order to successfully fulfilled the challenges, in this project, we focused our work on three things, first, showcase the technical abilities, second, take care about user experiences, third, balance the two.

One thing we do to showcase the maximum technical capability is to use a real 3D environments with realtime renderings. We evaluated the performance of the chip and extreme cases like 10 cars showing at the same time, then proposed a set of 3D models that can be visually and dynamically smooth when the software is running.

One thing we do to balance the user experience and technology is to delete unnecessary information that the sensor cached. The radar scanned data that our client want us to show basically includes everything that the censors “see”, which apparently showed their technical abilities. However, what is geeky is not what users really need. Too much information can cause interference. Our design work focused on the user needs while autonomous driving. We retain the display of unknown obstacles that reflect scanning sensitivity and data processing capabilities and deleted the advertisement board which we considered has a very bad impact on the user experience.


Our deliverables in this project include: 3D Scene Building3D modeling, autonomous parting UX flowautonomous parting user interface.

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