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Amazing, more than what you see - - Ford EVOS


This is a mass-produced HMI project on Ford's models with long screens. When the client found us, the project was in the stage of detailed design from 0 to 1.

Capsule, as an external brain team, mainly needs to provide three aspects of value:

1. Realize the high-fidelity prototype of the interactive framework for usability testing and project review

2. Design and execute usability tests to objectively evaluate the interactive experience

3. Provide interactive or visual innovative solutions and try partial innovation

The challenges in these three areas are:

1. Realize the pixel-level fidelity model in a limited time

2. Maintain an objective assessment of the design

3. The part that the Ford team wants us to create together is the tricky part of the whole design


After receiving the challenge, the Capsule team combined UX designers, UI designers, and Unity development engineers to complete the project. At the same time, designers can find opportunities to improve UX or UI while supporting engineers to develop prototypes.

In addition to the software part, we are also responsible for the selection, procurement and modification of the hardware. For the most realistic presentation effect, we did not choose to splice the screen, but to re-customize the touch screen. Among them, waiting for supply, communicating about feasible switching solutions, customizing touch screens, etc., let us feel the hardware's elbow on the speed of research and development.

After the prototype was built, we conducted the second round of usability testing, and the test was executed with multiple subjects. After completing the test, we actively put forward suggestions for improvement, and some of the suggestions were absorbed into the optimization plan.


The HMI interaction framework software prototype implemented by Unity

27’’inch interactive hardware prototype

UX/UI optimization solution

Usability test execution plan

Usability test report

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